How to Identify and Remove Virus from Android Phones

how to identify and remove

Android users are faced with many challenges such as malware attacks, theft and the usage of its features. But, this article is centered on how to identify and remove viruses from android phones.

Some of the ways in which one may identify malware on Android phones are:

drainage of phone battery; frequent pop-ups; drastic usage of data; overheating.

The above points may be signs that your android phone is been affected and urgent steps need to be taken to remove such malware from further destroying your phone.

Drainage of Phone battery:

The presence of malware or viruses can impact your battery life, as well. These battery-sucking viruses may be disguised in third-party apps and unreliable downloads. Once you install the program onto your Android, you’ll start to see the drain almost immediately.

If you start noticing drastic reductions in your battery life, it might be infected with a virus. Therefore, in this case, virus removal from Android phones becomes necessary.

Frequent pop ups:

While most of these pop-up ads lead to advertisements and links to websites, some start popping up when there are no apps running, then the ugly truth may be that you have an adware infection.

Drastic Usage of Data:

When you discover that your data usage no longer last or it drains so fast that you wonder what is consuming your data, it could be that you are infected. Read on how to minimize data consumption. Compare the amount of data used to data usage from the prior months and if you notice a sudden rise in your data usage even though you haven’t really changed your usage patterns, then, you may be infected.


When your phone is infected by malware such as viruses, worms or adware, they use up your phone’s resources to spread their malicious intent. It is no surprise then that your phone will start heating up under the strain.

If your phone has suddenly become extremely slow and laggy and heats up very fast despite not using it much, chances are it is infected by malware.

Steps on How to Remove the Virus for Android:

The steps you need to take to remove the virus from android phones are listed below. Follow it gently to remove virus from android phone.

: – remove suspicious apps: one of the things you need to do when you notice any funny behavior of your phone is to check and remove suspicious apps. It might be a virus attack.

To review and remove suspicious apps, go to Settings >> then Apps or Application Manager.

 Look through the list and keep an eye out for anything that’s odd or unfamiliar. Tap the suspicious app you want to get rid of and this will open up the App Info screen.

First, remove the app’s data cache by hitting “Clear Cache.” Next, delete the app’s data by tapping “Clear Data.” Once these steps are done, click on the “Uninstall” button to remove the app.

Some malicious apps may have administrator access and these are stubborn to remove but, there are ways to remove them.

First, enter your Android phone’s Safe Mode. In most Android gadgets, this requires holding the power button until the “Power Off” or “Power Option” menu appears. Simply tap and hold on this menu until the option to reboot in Safe Mode appears then hit OK.

Click here to learn more about Android’s Safe Mode.

Once your phone is in Safe Mode, go back to Apps or Application Manager and uninstall any stubborn apps that can’t be removed otherwise. Some malicious apps also have managed to install themselves with administrator status so you will need to clear these permissions too.

Go to Settings >> Security >> Device administrators then find the app that you cannot uninstall normally, uncheck the box, choose “Deactivate” on the next screen >> select OK then return to Apps or Application Manager to uninstall.

After uninstalling your suspicious apps, restart your Android phone.

: – factory reset: doing a factory reset is another way of disabling most activities of apps in the phone including those that are affected with malware. Be rest assured that this will erase your data’s in the phone demanding that you reset the phone from the beginning.

You can also backup your data’s to avoid losing them when factory resetting your android phone. Learn to back-up your data from this link backup all your gadgets.

: – using a secured antivirus: I know antivirus is meant to be secure but unfortunately, some of them carry this virus. A good antivirus will help to scan and delete malicious programs. You can download from this link DOWNLOAD AVAST MOBILE SECURITY

A virus has caused a lot of damage to our phones without us knowing. But with this information, one should be able to tell when your phone is affected or not. And the steps you need to take on virus removal for android gadgets or on how to identify and remove the virus for android phones.

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