Google Chrome Extensions Must Downloads for web management

Google Chrome

There are over a billion active users of Google chrome browser. Its extension is what most people don’t know about. So then, what is Google extension?

Google chrome extension is a software program that enhances your browsing experience. It can easily be downloaded and installed before users’ can use it.

For you to access these Google chrome extensions, you need to go to their web store, select the extension you want and click the “add button” close to the extension.

Every extension after installation, is located at the right address bar of Google chrome browser. Just click on the icon to use. To list but few ways in which Google chrome is beneficial to us are as stated below:

You can easily see how much you spent on a website

Good for marketing purposes

Make Google chrome look nicer and runs faster

View videos easily and making enlarging videos

 In this article, you will learn about some of the extensions and their functions. Make this a priority and ease your use of this browser by going to the web store and search for what you want.

The following list of Google chrome extensions are the most popular you should download and start using right time.

Click&Clean: this extension allows you to just clean websites cookies, clear cache and URL searches in one click. It also allows you to download history with a single click of a button on your browser toolbar. The extension can also scan your computer for viruses and clean up your hard drive of unused applications — helping your computer run faster as a result.

Ghostery: this is a chrome extension that is designed to block ads that popup or disrupt you when you are browsing. It provides extra security to your browsing experience. It also disguises your browsing data so ad-tracking tools are unable to collect personal information that you’d prefer to keep private. These features help to speed up webpages’ load time and ultimately improve your browsing experience.

 Checkbot: it helps in checkmating SEO and also for security in order to analyze the performance of certain website, security and content quality in terms of ranking. Checkbot also helps largely in protecting webmasters and users of websites from unsecured materials online.

Avast online security: this extension will guide you to choose which website is safe and which is not. You will be able to flag a particular website if it has a bad reputation. You may as well be warned by chrome if any website is bad.

Bitly: do you usually advertise on social media? Then, this extension is very important as it is used in shortening links easily and quickly for contents to be shared.

BuzzSumo: this extension enables you to see how a content is performing in terms of social shares, backlinks and also to perform competitors’ analysis.

Instagram for chrome: it enables you to see the notifications that comes from your instagram accounts directly from chrome browser.

NoFollow: NoFollow quickly indexes web pages and identifies links that are coded with the nofollow metatag. Nofollow links aren’t crawled by search engines and don’t contribute to search engine authority, so SEOers can use this extension to determine if external sites are backlinking to them with followed, or indexed, links.

OneTab: put multiple different URLs on one tab.

HubSpot Collect: Whether you’re conducting research for a project or simply reading different articles online, you most likely come across resources that you want to save and return to for later use.

That’s where HubSpot Collect will come in. Instead of saving content to another application or document, you can save it directly to your HubSpot software for easy reference when you sit down to write a blog post or web page.

There are thousands of extensions from Google chrome web store you can search for the one that suits your needs at a particular time. Others such as;

 Check My Links

Extension manager; all of these are very important to use

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