Top 5 Rooting Apps for Android Devices 2018

top 5 rooting apps

These top 5 Rooting apps offer you abundant useful features to make all necessary and demanding changes to your device. Using these apps, you can perform all those functions that your device doesn’t offer. We will be discussing top 5 rooting apps for Android you should try this year.

1. Root Master: Root Master is a powerful app that helps you increase your device speed, improve battery performance and ensures better stability. It works on strong optimized algorithms to keep your device performance intact. Using this tool, you can optimize operating system performance, RAM (Random Access memory) & CPU (Central Processing Unit) performance.

Its speed boost features, hibernate all unnecessary and CPU demanding apps. It further checks for your RAM usage and sets RAM VM Heap size for better performance and stability. It sets CPU governor that is helpful to boost performance. Further, it also hibernates battery demanding apps to save battery life. It offers 100% functionality and stability to your device. This is one of the best rooting apps for Android you can try for better device performance.

2. Root Checker: Root Checker is a trusted app that helps users understand whether or not root (super-user) access is working properly on their device. It supports various Android versions and offers a simple method to check root access (including the administrator, superuser or SU).

It is also useful to understand where su binary is located in a standard location on the device or not. It also checks for normal functioning of su binary. This smart solution is helpful for both novice and expert users where they can check the normal root functioning. Using this Android rooting app, you can manage multiple other functions seamlessly on your device.

3. SuperSU: Also one of the top 5 rooting apps. This superuser access management tool or app allows users to access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. This smart tool is carefully designed to deal with all possible issues with other Superuser access management tools. It offers a number of useful features like Superuser access prompt, Superuser access login and Superuser access notification to manage your device well.

Using this tool, you can backup script to survive CyanogenMod Nightlies and select icons from multiple options. In other features, it offers per-app notification configuration, temporarily unroot, deep process detection, ghost mode, wake on prompt, convert to/system app, complete unroot, multiple themes options and more.

It also works when Android isn’t properly booted or it is in recovery. It offers the best Android rooting software experience to offer the best results.

4. System App Remover (Root): This smart root application for Android which is among the top 5 rooting apps not only works as system app remover but it offers user app uninstaller tool as well.

Further, it allows you to move apps from phone to SD card or external memory card, move apps to the phone, help in areas where apps on sd card need to be scanned/installed/deleted. Using this best Android rooting app, you can filter out all unnecessary applications that are causing unstable device performance.

It further backup your uninstalled apps where you can recall your uninstalled apps from recycle bin. It offers clear user experience where it classifies all system apps in different segments to help you keep or remove any app effortlessly.

You can use this tool to uninstall multiple apps in one time to release memory allocated to that app. You can use this tool further to scan all APKs in SD card, install APK, uninstall multi-app in one click, backup & restore, search and delete all duplicate APks in one click, search in market and more.

5. Root Essentials: Try this all in one toolbox for your rooted phone or tablet. It helps you enable adoptable storage on any Android device (Marshmallow and above). It works as an app install locator where you can identify the location where the apps will be installed by default.

It offers complete control over your apps where you can view details and uninstall system apps effortlessly. Further, it offers battery calibration when your device battery drains so fast.

In other features, it offers Build-prop editor, device info, DPI changer, emoji changer, flasher, font installer, freedom Window mode, language changer, reboot, root checker, root browser and more.

 Conclusion: The best part of rooting apps is that they give you the liberty to perform numerous tasks in a seamless manner. They help you access a lot of additional features that you can’t access your stock device. In this article, we have discussed some of these amazing apps. If you know more such impressive apps feel free to comment below.

Summary: we have analyzed the top 5 Rooting apps which could be a useful addition to your device where you can perform a lot of additional tasks that you can’t perform on your stock device. Let’s discuss some of these useful apps here.

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