How to Turn Off Popular Web browser’s Notifications

notifications of web browsers

How to Turn Off Chrome Notifications:

Browser alerts can be a lifesaver, letting you know about important, timely content that your favorite website just posted. However, it’s also easy to get tired of these notifications and want to turn them off. Fortunately, Chrome makes it easy to disable alerts from an individual site or from the entire Internet.

Navigate to chrome: //settings/content/notifications. You can also get there by going to settings then content and then notification.

How to disable all notifications:

Toggle “Ask before sending (recommended)” to “off” if you wish to disable all notifications from all sites. After you toggle the switch, the UI will say “blocked.” If you don’t want to stop all alerts, skip this step.

Now, not only will you not receive alerts, but you shouldn’t be prompted to sign up for them either.

How to disable notifications from particular sites

-Scroll down to the “Allow list”

-Locate the site you want to disallow.

-Highlight the unwanted site URL and hit CTRL + C (or right click) to copy.

-Click the three dots and select Remove from the menu.

You will no longer receive alerts from that site, but it could still ask you to sign up again. Let’s block it from doing so.

-Scroll up to the “Block” list and click Add.

-Paste (or type) in the URL of the site you want to be blocked and click Add.

Now that site will not only stop sending you notifications but also stop asking you to sign up for them.

 How to enable and disable web push notifications in Mozilla Firefox?

Web push notifications appear at the top or bottom of your browser’s window even if you were offline at the moment they were sent. Web push notification is a good way to inform the users about the latest news, trends, sales, advertisements. Still, they may be annoying, especially when accompanied by an alert, so you want to disable them.

So, how to enable and disable web push notification in Mozilla Firefox?

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Click the icon of Settings at the right of your browser window and choose “Options.”

Step 2. Choose “Content”.

At the left of the page, choose “Content”.

Step 3. Enable or disable notifications.

If you want to disable notifications, click “Do not disturb me”, thus, no notification will be shown until you restart Firefox.

If you want to enable notifications, click “Choose” opposite to “Choose which sites are allowed to send you notifications”.

In case, you remove a site, you will get a permission request again.

 When I browse to different websites using Firefox I regularly get a Firefox pop-up asking me to give the website permission to send me notifications.

I get 3 options:

“Allow Notifications”

“Not Now”

“Never Allow”

It appears that “Never Allow” is only for the specific site – if I go to another site the pop-up will appear again for that site.

I don’t use the notification feature and would like the pop-up turned off completely for all sites, but am unsure if this is possible.

In the Firefox options, under Privacy and Security, there is a Permissions section that includes Notifications:

However choosing “Settings…” here just shows me the sites I have already allowed or Not Allowed, and doesn’t give an option to turn off the pop-up. The Pause notifications until Firefox restarts do not stop these pop-ups from appearing, it just mutes notifications that you have previously allowed. And clicking “Learn more,” tells me about the notifications and how to add them to my own website, but not how to disable them in Firefox.

How can I turn off this pop-up so that I am no longer asked for permission for websites to send notifications?

 To permanently disable Push notifications in Firefox:

Go to about: config in your browser address bar and accept the “Here Be Dragons” warning:

Look for: dom.webnotifications.enabled and set its value to ‘false’. To change the value you can either double click it or right click and select “Toggle”

Restart Firefox and you’re sorted 🙂


This will completely disable push notifications and Firefox won’t ask your permission again.

 You can completely disable notification queries in the following manner:

Within a new Firefox tab, type about: config and press Enter

Click the ensuing button that says I accept the risk!

In the Search field at the top, type dom.webnotifications.enabled

Double-click on the result under Preference Name to change the value to false

Close the Firefox browser and reopen it, now without notification queries

How to Disable UC Browser Notifications & News Notifications

UC Browser is a fast and light browser for downloading photos, videos, and browsing but, surely you don’t like to be annoyed with the number of notifications from UC Browser or suddenly often news headlines you do not want in UC Browser pops out from UC News. Here we will discuss how to disable UC browser notifications.

You can disable UC browser notification or remove UC browser notification from default settings in android. But here, we will guide you to disable both Browser notification and customize news settings in UC browser.  To solve the problem these are the following ways:

If you don’t have this lightning fast lightweight browser you can download from Play store.

Download UC browser

How to Disable UC Browser Notifications

In this part, we will show how to disable UC browser notifications. These notifications are too annoying while using mobile or while chatting. So follow this guide to remove this annoying notification. You could also check How to Remove Popup Ads on Android, Forever! (No Root)

-Go to the Overflow Menu (line 3 image) located on the button at the bottom of the screen,

-Select the gear button to go to Settings.

-Select Notification Settings.

This is where you can disable or turn off ads that appear as notifications or notifications on Android.

-Turn off the button from blue to gray for system Notifications, App Update Notifications, UC Update Notifications, Others are reading.

And that is all you need to do

How to Disable News Notifications in UC Browser

Here you can disable or customize the news notification settings. Required categories can be chosen remaining things can be left disabled.

  1. Open UC Browser, go to Menu and select Settings (Image of Gear).
  2. After logging into Settings Select Homepage Settings.
  3. Then you will see the UC News view.
  4. Change On to Off, it will restart the application.
  5. Then when you open the main page, scroll to the bottom.
  6. Select “Set Card” (bottom button from Home).
  7. Uncheck the News recommendations, Sports, Top Free Apps and so on according to the categories that appear in your UC Browser.

How to Disable News Feed & Notifications in Opera Apps for Android

News component is a standard part of the Opera Mini and Opera Browser. Start page of Opera features news stories from various categories with ‘Top News’ enabled by default and for all. That’s okay, but Opera also sends notifications for some of these top stories.

The news notifications might feel disturbing, spammy and unwanted to some. One solution is to block all notifications from Opera. However, that will also block other notifications including the Facebook ones. So, a better solution is to dig into settings of Opera and disable the features you do not need.

Disable News on Start Page of Opera Browser & Opera Mini

Before we get to the notifications, let’s first deal with the News stories (feed) on the start page of Opera. You can customize which stories appear or you can disable all of them. Here’s how:

On Opera Mini

Tap on the Opera icon.

Tap on the settings icon (gear).

Select Start Page Content.

Disable toggle next to News to disable them entirely. Else, tap on News Options to choose the news categories you want to see on the start page.

On Opera Browser

Tap on the menu icon (3 horizontal bars).

Tap on the Settings icon (gear).

Select Homepage under the News category.

Disable toggle next to Display news on the home page.

Disable News Notifications in Opera Mini & Opera Browser

You can disable the annoying news notifications easily in the settings of Opera browsers. Simply follow the steps for your version of Opera to get rid of the news notifications.

On Opera Mini

Tap on the Opera icon and choose Settings (gear icon).

Opera Mini settings

Scroll down and choose Notifications.

Disable the toggle next to News notifications.

On Opera Browser

Tap on the Menu (horizontal bars) button and choose Settings (gear icon).

Scroll down and disable the toggle next to News and promotion notifications.

The steps above will free you from the news feed as well as the news notification. Hence, you won’t be disturbed by a random news notification while you’re busy at work. Enjoy!!!

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