Hard drive formatting software free download

hard drive formatting software

Trying to format your external hard drive or USB flash?  This hard drive formatting software (free) can help you to format your devices into FAT32. You can also format a drive with large memory (128GB). Although there are many tools you can search for online, but am recommending EaseUS Partition Master Free. But before you begin the process, there is a need to understand the file systems.

What is FAT32? Before I go into explaining what FAT32 is, I will like to differentiate the common file systems we have.

NTFS: This is the most modern file system and it is being used for a un-removable drive like a windows disk drive. NT file system supports file permission for securities, encryption, disk quota limits, and many other features. Your windows partition system must be NTFS for successful formatting. There is no file size or partition size limit to using this file system.

FAT32: This is an older version of the file system which is compatible with most operating systems. It can be used in conditions where file system memory is not large. FAT32 (file allocation table 32) has its own limitation in terms of the maximum memory space it can work with which is 4GB.FAT32 is okay for USB drives and other external devices, unlike NTFS that should be used for windows internal drive.

exFAT ( Extended File Allocation Table): exFAT is a modern replacement for FAT32 and have wide operating system support. Its file size and partition size are large compared to FAT32 and can store more files too. Though not quite compatible with the FAT32 but more compatible than NTFS. Works with all version of windows and modern version of Mac OS X and it has no file or partition limit.

You can format your drives into any of the file systems above. The file system to be used depends on what you actually want for your flash because different flash drives are designed by different developers for certain purposes such as; speed, compatibility, it’s limit and the size it can accommodate and other values, depending on what suits your need.

Steps to formatting your external drive, USB flash and SD card using “EaseUS FAT32”:

Before you begin to use this hard drive formatting software, know that you may lose all your data in your hard drive, USB flash. Therefore, you are advised to back up your files for easy recovery.

Step 1: Plug in or connect the hard drive, USB or SD card to your system.

Launch EaseUS FAT32 formatter (that is after you have downloaded it and install)

Right-click the Disk you want to format and choose “format partition”

Step 2: A window will pop out where you can enter or edit the partition label.

Pick file system” Fat32”

Step 3: Click apply to confirm that you are formatting your hard drive, USB flash or SD card

Explore the best means of formatting your device as I have explained, you can also format your device through our explanation here. Feel free to share this knowledge and you can download this hard drive formatting software  EaseUS Partition Master Free tool for formatting and partitioning of your External drives, USB flash, and SD card.

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